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The all-in-one solution for music project management

All in one

Four major areas in perfect harmony


Simplify the organization of your musical projects to the maximum

Comprehensive concert and rehearsal planning
Selective availability of scores
Search for new repertoire
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User notification system
History of performances, artists, and repertoire
Distribution of physical and human resources
Economic planning


Manage the human resources of your musical team effectively

Time control
Hiring of reinforcements
Contract and payroll allocation
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Management of permissions and absences
Creation of work teams


Control the economic activity of your institution with an effective system

Sequencing of expenses and income
Assistance in budget management
List of clients and suppliers
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Allocation to specific projects
Customization of taxes and withholdings
Allocation to various accounts
Internal analytical pre-accounting


Evaluate your musical projects effortlessly to continue growing and improving

Real-time graphs
Automatic reports and summaries
Satisfaction surveys


Chamber or symphony orchestra, symphonic or bass band, choral ensemble…
Whatever the format, it has a place in Weikos.

If you’re part of the technical team of an institution, Weikos’ comprehensive system will enable you to efficiently manage everything from technical and administrative aspects to human and material resources.


Woodwind or brass, bowed or percussed.
No matter the instrument: we know there’s a person behind it.

If you’re an artist, we put within your reach what you really need beyond the music: information about your concerts, rehearsal schedule, scores

If you’re also part of the artistic team of an institution, you’ll be able to clock in, access your contracts and payroll, or request permissions, among many other things.

Your meeting point

More simplicity. More efficiency. More Weikos.

Everything in one place

A single tool to manage the day-to-day of music easily. No more trouble.

Save time and money

The advantages of being an all-rounder. And we also improved and automated processes to make it even easier for you.

Always connected

A cloud-based system, available anytime, anywhere. Also your team.

Mobile App

An app to have your information always accessible: in the palm of your hand.

Better and better

Weikos is constantly improving, innovating, and adding new features and integrations. We never stop!

Always by your side

The Weikos team is always here to help, advise, and address any question you have. And within 24 hours or less.

Let’s get to know

If you want to integrate Weikos into your institution, our team will introduce the software and all its functionalities in a presentation: live or online, you choose.

Contact us to see firsthand how to optimize your management in just a few steps.

Already onboard and trusting Weikos

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